Visualization is the most effective way to link emotions with your goals. If you i.e. want to become a great speaker, you visualize this scene: You visualize yourself in front of a large crowd that is listening to you. You stand in front and speak to them, they are attentive, friendly faces look up to you and you feel great speaking in front of this large crowd. Do this at least once every day, try to feel how great this is: So many people that love listening to what you have to say, that laugh at your jokes and applaud you with a standing ovation at the end of your speech.

If public speaking is, what you want to do, then the audiobook ‘101 Secrets of Highly Effective Speakers’ might be a good technical help, visualization will help you gain the necessary confidence to succeed!

Visualization is also one of the key elements that are mentioned in ‘The Secret’, the book everybody talks about and that is a New York Times best seller.