Personally, I take the contents of ‘The Secret’ with a grain of salt, and am selective of what I use for myself. But there are is a lot of good advice in this book and if you use your common sense (but don’t get blocked by too much realisme!) and focus on your goal – and it can be even a very big goal – you’re likely to reach it.

Sure, you can’t just think: ‘I’ll be a millionaire tomorrow’ twice a day and then hope for it to happen. But if you truly want to improve your finances and focus, then you’ll do it!

The Secret - Rhonda Byrne - Audio Book


3 Responses to “Why ‘The Secret’?”

  1. butch3r Says:

    Thanks for the advice that you suggested as a comment to one of the posts in my blog. Self talk is powerful, but only seems to go so far. There’s a lot of negative mental self-talk that’s going on behind the scene. If I see someone I want to approach, I tell myself some positive verbal talk, but in the background there’s the voice that says, no, you’re not interested in her really, or no she wouldn;t fall for you. I’ve watched the secret, and other motivational tools. When I try to define my goals or what I’m looking for, I can never be clear on them. I appreciate your help though. It’s definitely an interesting ride, and I feel empowered though because I’m taking action on improving myself.

  2. Excellent wisdom.We are what we think ourselves to be.

  3. thesecretaudio Says:

    butch3r: Goalsetting is best done by concentrating on one goal at the time. Your comment seems to indicate that you’re going too broad when setting your goals. I’ll be writing on goals soon, so hope to see you back here!

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